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Life Seeks Balance

Life is always trying to come back to equilibrium.

All of life is programmed (for lack of a better way to say it) to find balance…. Or else it dies. Right? How many house plants have you unintentionally killed because you weren’t giving it the right balance of sunlight and water? Hi, it’s me. I am definitely a culprit of this. (Literally, currently killing a fiddle fig and can’t figure out how to save it. Anyway… )

Why does this happen? Because when we don’t have the right balance of nutrients for something… it withers and dies.

We, as humans, are just mobile houseplants really. When WE don’t have the right balance of sunlight and water… as well as proper nutrition, love and affection, friendship and community, and a sense of felt connection to each of these dimensions of our Being… then we too begin to wither. We have ALL felt this at some point.

  • Lack of community = loneliness

  • Broken heart = sorrow

  • Lack of sunlight = sadness and depression

  • Poor nutrition = health issues of many varieties

Balance. Life WANTS to be in balance. I NEEDS to be in balance >>> in order to grow .. and .. flourish .. and reproduce.

Fam, my new e-course, Reimagine Your Life, is all about coming back to balance in our lives. By accessing the sacred practices of asana, pranayama, kriya, and meditation, we’ll review and evaluate each life domain to see where there are opportunities for growth and transformation.

To be clear, I didn’t say “figure out” or “determine” or “problem-solve”. Because each of those suggests that we’re thinking the problem away, or mentaling the answer to what comes next.

This course is not an exercise in mental problem-solving, and I’m not aiming for us to ‘figure it out’. This is also not a vision boarding workshop either… though I have nothing again vision boarding itself.

Rather, this e-course is an opportunity to objectively evaluate where (and in which domain(s)) we’re being called to grow and transform in our lives, and then see +hear + feel.. the next step forward.