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Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a Japanese healing modality that taps into the electromagnetic field of the body to facilitate deep relaxation, stress relief, physical and emotional healing, and energetic alignment. Dr. Sarah has achieved Reiki Level III (Master) status, and has been offering healing sessions since 2015.

of Reiki

Research shows that a even a single Reiki session can provide a multitude of physical, mental and emotional benefits. Below are just a few documented outcomes from regular Reiki sessions.

  • Decrease in symptoms of depression

  • Decrease in symptoms of anxiety

  • Supports the treatment of chronic pain

  • Calms the mind

  • Alleviates stress

  • Promotes healthy sleep habits

  • Amplifies physical relaxation

  • Supports the treatment of inflammatory responses (e.g., arthritis)

  • Provides mental clarity
Reiki Master giving Reiki in Costa Rica
Benefits of Reiki

The stats

Clients commonly report feeling stressed, anxious, tearful, and exhausted prior to Reiki sessions, and report significant relief afterward. They leave sessions feeling relaxed, happy, and optimistic. 

Clients frequently describe vivid mental images that appear during Reiki sessions. Most imagery tends to involve nature landscapes, and is often accompanied by the feeling of floating or 'being held'.

Pre- and post-session data analyses reveal a 43% decrease in reported anxiety, and a 33% increase in deep relaxation after Reiki sessions with Dr. Sarah.


Sessions + Packages

Rustic Beach Path



Enjoy one, 60-minute, Reiki + Sound Healing session with Dr. Sarah. Sessions include 50 minutes of Reiki healing and 5 minutes to check-in before and afterward and ask questions.




Enjoy three, 60-minute, Reiki + Sound Healing sessions with Dr. Sarah. Sessions can be restorative and healing, activating and energizing, or a time for deep energetic integration. 


(10% savings)



Enjoy ten, 60-minute, Reiki + Sound Healing sessions with Dr. Sarah. This package is best suited for those who are ready for radical transformation (inside

and out).


(15% savings)

          Not sure which package is right for you? Book a Discovery Call and let's chat.          

Is Reiki right for you?
Reiki Master offering energy healing in the jungle

Is Reiki Right 
For You?

Below are the most common reasons my clients report when booking sessions with me:

  • They're exhausted or burned out and in need of a recharge

  • They're in need of an energetic "spring cleaning" or chakra tune-up,

  • They're feeling "stuck", and aren't sure how to get unstuck,

  • The have the sense they've been physically or emotionally holding onto the past, and their other practices haven't fully facilitated the release they need,

  • They're seeking clarity, direction, or affirmation in some area of their life or for a major decision they need to make,

  • They are ready to experience a major catapult forward in their life.

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