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Reiki is an alternative medicine technique that taps into the energetic layer of the body and facilitates deep relaxation, stress relief, healing, and energetic alignment. Dr. Sarah is a Reiki Master, and has been offering healing sessions since 2015.

My Journey with Energy

"When the student is ready; the Teacher appears."

Energy Work entered my life, in the form of Reiki, a little more than five years ago, and has consistently demonstrated itself to be a Teacher and transformational tool in my life ever since. 

At the time, I was in deep need of guidance and direction in my life, and was ready to make profound shifts. I just didn't know which shifts to make. After receiving my first few energy healing sessions, the wheels of change in my life began turning, quickly.


I became clear on what I truly wanted from my life (at that time), the opportunities I'd been hoping for began to effortlessly open up, and I felt more confident in the decisions I was making each step of the way. 

Friends, if you're looking for clarity, direction, healing, relief from stress and anxiety, or find yourself saying, "I don't know what I need. I just feel stuck," then Energy Work is the healing tool your body is asking for.

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Prior to each Reiki session, clients commonly report feelings of emotional stress, anxiety, tearfulness, and exhaustion. But report feeling calm, happy, and optimistic after sessions have ended. 

Clients frequently describe vivid mental images that appear during Reiki sessions. Most imagery tends to involve nature landscapes, and are often accompanied by the feeling of floating or 'being held'.

Pre- and post-session data analyses reveal a 43% decrease in reported anxiety, and a 33% increase in deep relaxation after Reiki sessions with Dr. Sarah.

Is Reiki right for you?
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Is Reiki Right 
For You?

Good question. Below are the most common reasons my clients report when booking sessions with me. 

Reiki is right for you if:

  • you're feeling "stuck", and aren't sure how to get unstuck.

  • you have the sense you've been holding onto a lot, and your other practices haven't fully facilitated the release you need.

  • you're seeking clarity, direction, or affirmation in some area of your life (or for a major decision you need to make).

  • you're in need of an energetic tune-up, recharge, or spring cleaning.

  • you find yourself saying, "I just don't know what I need."

  • you are ready for a major catapult forward.

If you answered YES to even one of these then book a 30- minute session by tapping the button below.

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