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4 Type of Clarity That Reiki Provides

"When the student is ready; the Teacher appears."

Energy Work entered my life, in the form of Reiki, a little more than nine years ago, and has consistently demonstrated itself to be a Teacher and transformational tool in my life ever since. At the time, I was in deep need of guidance and direction in my life, and was ready to make profound shifts. I just didn't know which shifts to make. After receiving my first few energy healing sessions, the wheels of change in my life began turning, quickly.

  • I became clear on what I truly wanted from my life (at that time),

  • The opportunities I'd been hoping for began to effortlessly open up,

  • And I felt more confident in the decisions I was making each step of the way. 

Over the years, I've noticed that clarity (across many areas of my life) has been the single greatest benefit that the Reiki practice has provided.

Here are the four types of clarity that Reiki has given me:

  1. Clarity in Heart

    1. Reiki helps you answer the question, "What do you really want?"

    2. This type of clarity helps you know what you desire most deeply.

  2. Clarity in Thought

    1. Reiki helps you answer the qustion, "What are my options?"

    2. This type of clarity helps you know what possible directions you could go.

  3. Clarity in Judgment

    1. Reiki helps you answer the question, "What should I do?"

    2. This type of clarity guides you to know (with confidence) which direction you should go.

  4. Clarity in Self

    1. Reiki helps you answer the question, "Who am I, and what are my motiviations?"

    2. This type of clarity reveals to you the spiritual thread that drives your Being and existence.

If you're looking for clarity, direction, healing, relief from stress and anxiety, or find yourself saying, "I honestly don't know what I need. I just feel stuck," then Energy Work via Reiki may be the healing tool your body and mind are asking for.

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