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About Sarah

Dr. Sarah CAvrak

I am first and foremost a human, a womxn, a seeker, and a student. I have spent the last 23 years studying human cognition and behavior, and earned my PhD in Cognitive Sciences in 2013 from Georgia State University. Understanding the why questions of life through the how questions of the mind and science always seemed to make sense to me, even from a very young age. Yet, it wasn't until the Yoga path entered my life in 2003, that I slowly began to integrate spirituality into my personal Life and into the way I approached research, teaching, and mentoring.

My own journey is one of fascination, exploration, sorrow, healing, deep growth, and ultimately empowerment. I hope to spend my life sharing with you my own story, teaching you tools that will guide you toward liberation, and lifting you up as you run toward your dreams.


Ethics Principles

My work in the community is based on these 5 principles.


I commit to being transparent about who I am, what I believe, and how I live. 


I commit to showing up to my practice and this lineage each and every day, as I have for the last 17 years, and will continue to development my understanding and education of this path (basically, forever).


I believe that this path and its teachings are for everybody and every body. I commit to creating content that reaches humxns across diverse economic strata and that means offering both free and affordable pricing.


I commit to living my yoga on and off the mat, which includes educating myself on the ways in which trauma impacts the humxn experience, as well as how white supremacy has impacted and benefited me personally, the westernized yoga community, and each student who chooses to work with me.


I commit to a cultivating a deep understanding of the Science of Yoga, and aim to create content that adheres to the basic scientific principles. My content will be research-based, fully-informed, valid, and reliable. Furthermore, I commit to being transparent in the reporting of any data that I gather and the effects and outcomes of the programming I offer.

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