This is a 7-week group mentoring experience that will have you re-imaging the life you have and awakening to the life that's possible.

Begins January 2, 2022

Registration is closed!



  • Week 1 - Physical Health and Nutrition

  • Week 2 - Family and Home Life

  • Week 3 - Education, Work & Career

  • Week 4 - Friendships and Inner Circle

  • Week 5 - Romance and Partnership

  • Week 6 - Emotional and Mental Wellbeing

  • Week 7 - Spiritual Connection

Each week we will meet live for 90-minutes, and move through a set of practices aimed at awakening each life domain, and clarifying our vision, goals, and next steps within that area of our lives.


You can expect 10-20 minutes of kriya (energetic opening), 40-60 minutes of yoga asana (physical movement), and the remaining time for guided meditation and reflection.

Sacred Vessel

  • Physical Mobility

  • Exercise

  • Ailment & Disease

  • Dietary Habits

  • Nutrition

Sacred Dwelling

  • Family

  • Home Type

  • Geographic & Location

  • Felt Qualities

  • Clutter & Cleanliness

Sacred Purpose

  • Education

  • Skills & Expertise

  • Career Path

  • Creative Expression

  • Money & Finances

Sacred Community

  • Friendships

  • Inner Circle

  • Points of connection

  • Relationional Intimacy

  • Trust

Sacred Love

  • Romance & Partnership

  • Sensuality

  • Intimacies

  • Mistakes & Opportunities

  • Communication

Sacred Mind

  • Emotional State

  • Mental Wellbeing

  • Habits & Reactions

  • Emotional Pitfalls

  • Cognitive Orientation

Spiritual Spirit

  • Spiritual Beliefs

  • Internal Resistances

  • Sound & Vibration

  • Personal Truth

  • Awakening

financial INVESTMENT​​

The full, 7-week, course is valued at $250, but I'm offering it to you for just $125 (that's less than $20 per 90-minute session).

What do you get each week?

  • Expertly curated ritual curriculum,

  • Yoga, breath, and meditation practices to guide you through each life domain,

  • Connection with like-minded community,

  • Opportunity to evaluate and invest in your personal journey,

  • Unlimited support and guidance.

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Sign up by Dec 24th and get 20% off the full cost of the course.

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What I’ve gained from these classes has helped me speak up within my relationship about what I need, set boundaries at home and work, and allowed myself to listen to my body, mind, and heart.

Brittany R.

Meditation Student

I absolutely loved working with Dr. Sarah! The combination of yoga, meditation, journaling, and discussions helped me navigate a tricky life transition and come out more centered and confident about the next phase of my life.

Alex P.

Mentoring Client

These group gatherings are the only place in my life where I seem to be surrounded by other empathetic people who are also experiencing life in a very passionate, and spiritual way.

Maya M.

Meditation Student

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