My work is the work of nourishment. For the better part of a decade, I have taught hundreds of students how to move, align, and stretch their bodies in order to center and quiet the mind so that the inner voice of the Soul can be heard. 

Through my tenure as a scientist, and teacher of sacred practices, I hope to be the conduit that leads you toward the tools that will help shine a light on your own inner wisdom, power, and JOY as you journey along your unique path.


Dr. Sarah Cavrak

Cognitive Scientist

Life Coach

Yoga + Meditation Educator

Reiki Master

My Journey toward Joy



What is it about joy that fascinates me?


I think it's that throughout my life, Joy has felt compartmentalized; reserved specially for holidays, vacations, celebrations, and rites of passage. Through most of my life, it never occurred to me that Joy could be a state of Being, a way of living, rather than simply a passing emotion.

Up until the age of around 27, I was fill with self-doubt, second-guessing every decision, and projecting my perceived short-comings onto the expectations of others. Friends, there's no freedom in that way of thinking and being. There's no room for Life and abundance to grow and evolve. But through the practices of yoga, meditation, and ceremony, I've found and cultivated such honest Joy through my breath and body.

Because of this very real and experiential shift in my inner world, my belief is that the Union of mind, body, and spirit open the doorway to healing, wholeness, and abundance; and there's a emerging body of scientific evidence that supports the notion that yoga and meditation facilitate this process. 

Friends, it is my deep and profound passion for living an authentic, joyful Life via the practices of Yoga, meditation, ceremony, alongside a deep connection to nature that fuels what I do each and every day. It is from this internal space that I offer nourishment to you and to the community.

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