Awakening the 5 elements

This is a 6-week embodiment experience that will activate and unite nature's elements within ourselves.

Sundays | 11 am-12:15 pm est

February 7 - March 14, 2021

"To feel the breath of wildness come into your body is to reclaim your natural wholeness. It is to be enfolded by fields of grasses and held by the mountains' slow and steady strength. it is to hear in your own heartbeat the thunderous roar of the ocean, reminding you that your life still belongs to the wild Earth."

- Mary Reynolds Thompson


& flow:

  • Week 1 - Earth

  • Week 2 - Water

  • Week 3 - Fire

  • Week 4 - Air

  • Week 5 - Ether

  • Week 6 - Integrating the elements

Each week we will gather in community for 75-minutes, which will include a combination of 30 minutes for movement & 45 minutes for mantra, mudra, guided meditation, and reflection.

Qualities of Earth:

  • stability

  • steadiness

  • trust

  • deepening

  • giving

  • receptivity

Qualities of Water:

  • flow

  • healing

  • creative power

  • inner sense

  • union

  • vitality

Qualities of Fire:

  • activation

  • empowerment

  • purifying

  • assimilation

  • assertion

  • manifesting

Qualities of Air:

  • energize

  • expansion

  • open heart

  • lightness

  • compassion

  • peace

Qualities of Ether:

  • stillness 

  • balance

  • inner listening

  • inner wisdom

  • spaciousness

  • universal light


  • 6 Sanskrit Mantras

  • 6 Yoga Mudras

  • 6 Guided Meditations

  • A variety of physical postures and movements to activate each of the 5 natural elements

  • How each of the natural elements is alive and moving within you, as well as which qualities of yourself they are awakening.


  • Community Rate = $72

  • Individual Rate = $90

  • Supporter Rate = $108

5 elements is for you if you experience any of the following:
  • You feel disconnected from yourself, your goals, your passion or inspiration.

  • You want to feel guided in your intentions and actions.

  • You can feel that you're waking up, and need guidance to go further & deeper.

what can you expect?
  • This course will help you reconnect to your true nature so you may receive clarity from your inner guidance and wisdom.

  • The flow of inspiration and inner creativity will be re-opened, and the obstruction preventing you from identifying which action(s) to take next on your path will be alleviated.

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