Releasing Ceremony

Sometimes we just need to clean house... AND clear the way so that our burdens are alleviated and our desires shine before us with clarity. This RELEASING CEREMONY intends to do both.


BEFORE YOU BEGIN - Know that you can do this little Releasing Ceremony whenever the time calls for it. You can do this alone or with a trusted few. You can do this at home or out in the wild. Just approach it with intention.

STEP 1 - You have to name your desire, and ask for “the thing” to be released​

Okay, here’s the important point to understand: you don’t actually have to know what "the thing" is.


For me, it was an overwhelming feeling that I didn’t like, that felt terrible, that I knew wasn’t ME, and that I couldn’t trace back to any issue, concern, or wound, in particular. All I knew was that I needed it to go because I felt it holding me back.


Maybe you do know what "the thing" is. Maybe not. But in either case, simply identify the sensation or the quality you’d like to release, and then offer it up.


Out loud or simply in your mind…. Say something like, “I offer this _____ up for release. If you were here to teach me something then I hope the lesson has been imparted. I now let you go.”

STEP 2 - Conduct your own personal baptism

I don't mean this in any type of religious way. I look at baptism from a more general perspective, and access this ritual in the context of a symbolic, and sacred, bath. So, obviously the water element is crucial for this step. And the water can be anything. You could take a bath or shower. You could jump in the ocean, lake or river. You could have a friend wash your feet.


Let intuition guide you here.


Whatever feels like the right way to cleanse yourself of "the thing" you’ve released, then do it.


STEP 3 - Sing

Again, this can sort of look like anything, but know that the intention is a sort of calling to joy at the same time you're offering a soothing melody or rhythm to yourself.


I chose to sing the Gayatri Mantra because that felt right to me. Perhaps you have your own kirtan jams you’re really into right now that would fit perfectly in this spot. Or maybe you sing a comforting lullaby. Perhaps 5-10 minutes of quiet “om”ing or “so hum”ing is the way to go. Only you know you, but bare in mind the goal of providing comfort and nourishment. Whatever song will get you there is the one to go with.

And I'm going to add a BONUS STEP in here.


Several days have passed since I did this personal ritual, and I'm beginning to feel the ripple effects from it. As a bonus step, come into conversation with whatever clarity your body and your higher self are offering you at this time. Their combined insights will guide you to a doorway that will reveal a next step. Listen, write it down, and maybe... take action.

That’s it friends.. It's literally so simple, and so shockingly effective. 

LET ME KNOW how it goes. I'd love to hear how you personalized your rituals!