If you're lucky enough to be able to take a yoga class from Sarah, you will be one fortunate student. A gifted teacher, Sarah is able to pinpoint exactly what your body needs with a pinch soul medicine thrown in for good measure. While under her tutelage, my yoga practice grew and as a result I was able to fully embrace my medication practice immediately after class. Enjoy her, she is a true treasure!


Sarah’s classes are refreshingly creative as she always turns alignment and technique into something accessible, simple, and obvious to anyone. I always leave her classes more grounded. It is a rare gift to put into words precise and complex alignment, and then to put it into practice, no matter the level of the participants. But on top of everything, sequencing is what I love the most in her classes. She speaks "body talk," and it is a revelation how it all comes together serving a specific purpose. Thank you.


What I admire about Sarah as a yoga instructor is that she embodies what she teaches. When she needs to open her heart, she teaches heart-opening postures. When she feels playful, she teaches playfully. I can trust her teaching because she is transparent.


Sarah’s classes are unique and creative with clear instruction. Her themes are intuitive, beautifully introduced and woven throughout the class.


What I love about Sarah’s class is that she starts each session with a short talk, a theme or motivation to  help focus our minds and bodies on one intention. It helps quiet the noise of the world/life so I can more clearly hear what my body is telling me. Her classes have a breadth and variety of poses and sequences and exhibit much creativity on her part. No one class is exactly the same, so it makes me excited to come back again and again knowing I am going to learn something new and different. The results at the end of her classes not only leave my body more open, less tight, less tense and more free, but somehow, some way, those same results happened in my mind as well. 


Sarah's enthusiasm, patience, demeanor, and love of yoga are truly a gift. Her classes provide a real sense of comfort, as well as physical and mental nourishment.


I love how Sarah's academic background informs the depth of her philosophical practice which she shares in the theme and anchor for each class. She has a warm and honest energy that comes across upon entering the studio, and she teaches from a place of self discovery and a willingness to share that curiosity with every student.