The Privilege of Finding Silence

I know it's not just me, but I LOVE silence. I crave silence. And for the most part I actually get to have as much silence as I want.  I live alone, and so anytime I need a moment for myself, for my thoughts, or for my heart, in order to just sit in stillness... I can pretty much have it. But let's be real. For most humans, silence is a privilege. It's a blessing. And for many people, it's often not even an option. Am I right? 

Think about your own life for a moment. If you're a person who lives in a home space along with other humans (spouse, partner, children, roommates, elder family members, or even multiple fur babies)... then you know that silence is PRECIOUS.

How often, after a long day, do you find yourself thinking, "could I just get

5 minutes of silence?"

Maybe you find yourself saying it out loud even. Maybe you're in a moment of exasperation when you think or say it. Whatever the case, you can FEEL your NEED for QUIET. (Now, whether or not your home structure allows for that longed-for silence is another story)... but the desire for silence is ever-present, Right?

And it makes me wonder.... where does this desire for silence come from? Why do we seek it so deeply and consistently?

In truth, I actually don't know the scientific answer to these questions, but my experiential answer is that silence is where we find stillness. And it's in stillness that we find guidance... and clarity... and it's from that place that we begin to hear what our own inner voice really sounds like so that we can discern what our deepest needs really are. 

So, how do you access the silence you know you need when your life just doesn't seem to allow for it?

This IS the question isn't it?

In the busyness of life, how we find time and space to have even five minutes of quiet so that you can nourish ourselves?  And that's what silence is for me. It's nourishment. It's a chance to step back from the chaos, the noise, and the have-to's so that I can find my Self once more, and ask how She's doing, find out what She needs, and listen to what She has to say.

So, how do we do this? How do we find time and space for the silence we crave

amidst the busyness in our lives? 

Friends, to begin to really answer this question, we need to practice finding our breath and becoming centered within our own bodies, and I've prepared a FREE guided meditation in order to help you to do just that. 

Tap HERE to dive into "Finding Silence, Part 1". Allow me guide you as you reach into that space of quiet and stillness within yourself.