Nine Ways to Awaken your Sacred Waters

Our invitation on the last new moon was to connect with the sacred waters within because there was going to be a 'call' or an invitation this month. It was an invitation to carve out an unique pathway that only you could carve. Just as the great waters carved the grand canyon, this moon cycle I told you that you were going to be asked to be a trailblazer something. And, of course, only you could know what you were being asked to create.

But to do this, you needed to connect with the water element that runs deep within your own body, your own vessel, so that you could listen in and hear the invitation in order to take appropriate action.

Now, in case some of this felt nebulous, unclear, or even confusing, I've created a short set of steps to connect with your own personal sacred waters. You don't have to do move through each and every action on the list below. Instead, pick 1 to 3 items that resonate most with you, try them out, and see how it goes.

Then ask yourself, how and what you're being asked to CREATE for the remainder of this moon cycle.

9 Ways to Awaken Your Sacred Waters

1) Hydrate (aka drink plenty of water)

  • This one is the simplest, most basic step to get started with connecting to the water within. First, make sure you’re properly hydrated so that there are actually waters to connect to, haha. Kidding, but also not kidding. Seriously. Keep up the water game because your body truly needs it, your skin will glow, and you’ll be more aware of your deep longing and thirst for water and its benefits when you’re letting it flow flow flow through you.

2) Physically get in water

  • This could look like taking a bath, sticking your feet in a stream, river, or lake, or even going outside while it’s raining and letting the raindrops pour over you. Whatever you choose, tune into the physical sensations of the water as it greets your skin, and then notice how your skin and vessel respond to the water.

3) Physically get on water

  • If getting in water isn’t possible for you, then how about getting on water? Hop in a boat or kayak. Borrow a SUP board and paddle yourself along the sweet current of whatever body of water you’re closest to.

4) Sweat

  • Yep, hydrate up, and then sweat it out. Take a hot yoga class or an interval training class at your favorite gym. Or lace up your sneaks and put foot to ground until your heart is pumping and your forehead is damp. You can even go to the spa and plant yourself in the dry sauna until even your kneecaps are dripping with delicious sweat (and then be sure to sufficiently hydrate once more).

5) How ‘bout a little sexual healing

  • Yes my friends, getting in touch with your water element might just mean getting a little … wet (innuendo + pun intended). Whether alone or with a sacred partner, enjoy the pleasures your body has to experience with some sensual playtime. You choose how, when, and with whom (of course). And for this particular suggestion, aim to put less parameters on the step-by-step, and instead let the energetic pulse of your sexual creativity flowthrough you and see where it leads. Be open to a… juicy (yeah, I said it) … surprise.

6) Dance dance revolution

  • Even if dancing isn’t your ‘go to’ creative outlet, give this one a try. Slip into your bare feet, put on whatever music that makes your body begin to move before your mind has a chance to stop you, and then shake, shake, shake.. your.. booty.. until all that’s left is your is sweat, and heavy breathing, laughter, and that lovely glow of a body well-worked.

7) Connect to your second chakra

  • As the seat the creativity, sexuality, and our emotional world, there are loads of ways to connect to your second chakra. One way is to listen to this 2nd chakra meditation I’ve prepared. But you can also engage in any creative outlet you enjoy: drawing, painting, dancing, cooking, playing music… (the list is endless).

8) Simply listen to water

  • This was is super simple. Whatever your preferred music outlet (spotify, itunes, youtube, etc.), a quick search for ‘water sounds’ will turn up plenty of options for you to dive into: gentle waterfalls, running water, thunderstorms, bubbling river rapids, rolling ocean waves. Pick one that piques your interest, lay down, and enjoy.

9) Contemplate water and its qualities

  • If you’re prone to writing, then this is a great option for you (and perhaps a nice complement to suggestion #8).

  • Here are a couple prompts to get you started: Describe in detail what water sounds like. What does it feel like when you touch water? How have you enjoyed water in the past? How do you interact and engage with water each and every day?

  • Refrain from putting boundaries on what you write. The key here is to allow whatever comes forth from your pen to just be there without judgement.

Above all friends, remember.... "Water reminds us that we are able to show up in alternate ways and forms without abandoning our true nature. We are shape-shifters. Depending on the environment and circumstances in our own internal state, we may express a thunderous anger, icy disdain, or a bubbling brook of joy... Our true [creative] powers of expression come from knowing the many forms of our own river." (From Reclaiming the Wild Soul by Mary Reynolds Thompson)