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Mis/Alignments, Vairagya & The Big Cosmic 'Yes'

The big themes coming up for me in my life lately are alignment and non-attachment (aka vairagya; pronounced vy-rag-ee-yuh). Honestly, they're really just two sides of the same coin.

I'm noticing (with clarity) where my voice and my efforts are resonating in the community, and in resonating are bringing people and opportunities into alignment with me and how I want to move and work in the world. And I'm also noticing where and how I'm putting out effort but am not receiving the same type of positive response. And though the amount of effort and intention I'm placing in each of these directions is the same, the response I'm receiving back is wildly different. 

This alignment / misalignment is a clear hallmark of the big Cosmic 'Yes' and the big Cosmic 'No'; the Universal nod of support (or caution) that younger versions of me missed entirely due to my own anxiety and the need to constantly be do-ing to "make it happen." Now, the older (and slightly wiser) me notices the Cosmic nod, and has the perspective and capacity to pivot away from the directlons that are showing me a clear misalignment and toward the directioms that are lighting up with stars and promise.

Often times, these mis-alignments are a surprise. They're unexpected, and the unexpected can be so jarring and frustrating, and for younger me... the unexpected could sometimes turn into a melt down.

This is how I can tell my Yoga practice is really working on me, because the recent misalignments (that I expected to be alignments) didn't cause me to melt down or break down at all. Rather I've had the mental and emotional freedom to pivot from one direction to another (aka non-attachment aka vairagya) with a nonchalance that younger me would have envied and found entirely unbelievable. 

My younger me would be so so proud right now.

Well, whatever your themes are right now, I hope you too are noticing how your dedication to your yoga and self-care practices are helping you find perspective, clarity, and maybe even just an extra breath or two in a crucial moment.

All for now,


Dr. S


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