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Life Lessons I Re/Learned This Year

I’ve been sitting in reflection on this year and all that has transpired, and have distilled down the most important life lessons I’ve learned (or relearned) these last 12 months. Scroll down to read on and then decide which ones resonate most with you and your own experiences this year.

1) You can be wise and messy at the same time.

This is the inconceivable paradox of being human.

2) Difficult emotions don’t have to scare us, and you don’t have to run from or avoid them.

Find freedom in witnessing the difficult emotion without attaching to it or surrounding yourself in it. As a result, the power those emotions once has over you will begin to untether and dissipate giving you space to dig deeper into why’s and how’s, and discover what comes next.

3) Stop looking in all the wrong places for the things you truly want.

It’s like going to the post office for groceries. You’re not gonna find what you’re looking for. Go to the source of whatever it is you long for (not a proxy).

4) Advocating for yourself is hard. And … you definitely need to keep doing it.

Know that not everyone will understand what you’ve said or what you need, but hopefully they respect it. If they don’t, then perhaps this is a cue to re-evaluate their role in your life.

5) Lovingly saying the difficult thing is hard, and doing so is a representation of the courage you have to love yourself fiercely.

But avoiding it only creates an invisible barrier between you and the other person. A barrier that prevents you from reaching a place of trust, truth, and intimacy

6) Your light has value and needs to be seen. So shine brightly.

Also know that regardless of how bright you shine, not everyone will be able to see it. Not everyone who sees it will want it. This is a reflection on them. Not you. Keep shining anyway. Keep shining always.

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