Find Your Fire w/ this Six Step Full Moon Ritual

It’s been a weird few weeks. I mean, this is a pretty weird time we’re living in, right?. There’s a deep level of discomfort due to our collective circumstances; an unease, a sorrow, and at times, perhaps even a deep helplessness. Truly, we are all feeling this.

As I’ve sat with my own emotions and my own process over the recent days it has occurred to me that during these trying times… We have an opportunity to despair, and an opportunity to adapt.

We have a chance to let hope carry us into a new version of ourselves, our communities, and our society. Hope for healing and health. Hope for a balanced earth. Hope for safety, security, and longevity. Clarity for a vision of a future that we truly long for, rather than something that was given to us, or inherited from someone else’s vision or some previous generation’s mistakes.

I truly believe that we are being called to be the transformers. We are called to be Warriors of Hope.

Whether you’re ready to feel hopeful just yet or not…. If you’re reading this, then I’d like to offer you something to lean into tonight.

Today is the full moon in Libra, a lunar phase which is squarely nestled within the larger new moon cycle of Aries. Aries is a FIRE sign, and the invitation from fire is transmutation ( = the process by which energy shifts form and structure).

On this full moon, I’d like to offer you this simple ritual that will hopefully show you where your heart currently resides, how your anger is tasting, where your love and passions are aimed, and how you can move forward by transforming some of your own internal fire (anger, sorrow, willfulness) into something else (big or small) that moves you closer to life, hope, and abundance. Below is a 6 step full moon ritual to find your fire.


1) Observe the light and illumination of fire

  • Begin by lighting a candle.

2) Embody the warmth fire brings

  • Drink something warming - a cup of tea, hot lemon water, or (my personal favorite) a cup of ceremonial cacao. I say this is my favorite because cacao is known to activate the element of fire within us. So for this particular ritual it would be an ideal choice. However, if you don't have any cacao available to you, then simply feeling the warming effects that fire offers through other readily available choices is sufficient enough.

3) Get it touch with fire’s emotional counterpart, anger.

  • Sit quietly with yourself and ask, "what has made me mad over the last few days?" "What has made me so mad that I wanted to cry hot, angry tears?" Then wait for the answers to bubble to the surface. Give yourself a minimum of 10 big breaths to do this step, and perhaps as long as 5-10 minutes to fully receive the inner guidance. Then, write down what you observed.

4) Stoke your own internal flames

  • I recommend 10- 20 rounds of Lion's Breath (aka Simhasana). Why Lion's Breath? Because it increases the internal temperature of the body and prepares you for step #5. How do you do Simhasana? It's super simple. Inhale deeply through your nose, and when you exhale, open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out and drop it down as if you were a lion roaring on the African Savannah.

5) Allow the transformational nature of fire to move through you

  • Here, I recommend the following sequence of poses. Do them in order, and go through this sequence twice, once for each side of the body. Feel free to go rogue and toss in a child's pose, downdog, or chaturanga at any point where you feel called.

  1. Chair pose (uttanasana)

  2. Warrior 1 (virabhadrasana I)

  3. Half Moon (ardhachandrasana)

  4. Side Angle (parsvakonasana)

  5. Goddess Pose (utkana konasana)

  6. Warrior 2 (virabhadrasana II)

  7. Side Plank (vasisthasana)

6) Watch the glow of renewal emerge

  • Sit quietly after you complete step #5, and feel the echo and ripple effect of your body movement on your mental and emotional state. Then, write down 3-5 things that you truly love and are passionate about. Give yourself space to do this without feeling the need to rush or force the answers.

BONUS: Answer these questions:

  • How can my sacred anger be used as a force for transformation?

  • In what way(s) am I being asked to channel this anger into creative action for the things that I love?

Blessing and Love,