This is not your average mentorship program and Dr. Sarah is not your average mentor. Anchored into nature's rhythms, Dr. Sarah leads four group mentorship modules per year (one for each season), and takes on a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients.


Group mentorship modules are stand-alone learning experiences, but build upon one another. Drop into a single module at a time or complete all four modules to receive maximum guidance and clarity throughout the year.

Individual coaching is undertaken in 12-week waves, and focus on nurturing 1 or 2 life domains. The next wave begins August 30, 2021. Scroll down to learn more.

One-on-one coaching

1:1 coaching with Dr. Sarah is an opportunity for deep interior exploration. Be ready to discover the  truth of who you are, and rise into fullness by establishing incremental goals that piece by piece form the grand picture of who you were always meant to become.


The 12-week program includes:

  • Nine 1 hour tele-sessions

  • Three ½ hour Reiki sessions

  • Development of 1 to 2 life domains

  • Strengths Assessment, Visioning & Goal-setting

  • Individually-Curated Ritual Curriculum

  • Personalized Meditations

  • Unlimited email correspondence and expert-level support & accountability



Group Mentorship:

Module 1


Awakening the 5 Elements is a 6-week embodiment experience that will activate and unite nature's elements within ourselves.

  • Week 1: Earth

  • Week 2: Water

  • Week 3: Fire

  • Week 4: Air

  • Week 5: Ether

  • Week 6: Integrating the elements