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Dr. Sarah has been a group meditation leader and educator for the the last seven years. Her style is heavily influenced by the Tantric lineage, and the path of Kashmir Shaivism as taught by Sally Kempton and Dr. Lorin Roche. Through her guided meditations, you can expect to be led into the cave of your heart in order to uncover the answers to your deepest questions, alongside the inherent gifts that reside therein. 

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Sunday's | 9 - 9:30am est

Free live cast via IGTV 

[Currently on hiatus)

Each week we come together in community for a brief, live, mantra workshop. We begin by breaking down a different ancient Sanskrit mantra phrase, discuss the meaning of each word, the overall interpretation of the phrase, practice pronunciation, and then chant the mantra 108 times.

All are welcomed to join.

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