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Published Articles



  • Kleider, H.M., Cavrak, S.E., & Knuycky, L.R. (2015). Do police officers' beliefs about emotional witnesses influence the questions they ask? Applied Cognitive Psychology, 29, 314-319. **

  • Cavrak, S.E. & Kleider, H.M. (2014). Pictures are worth a thousand words and a moral decision or two: Religious symbols prime moral judgments. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion. **

  • Knuycky, L.R., Kleider, H.M., & Cavrak, S.E.  (2014). Lineup misidentifications: When being “prototypically Black” is criminal. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 28, 39-46. **

  • Kleider, H.M., Cavrak, S.E., & Knuycky, L.R. (2012).  Looking like a criminal: Stereotypical Black facial features promote face source memory error. Memory & Cognition, 40, 1200-1213. **

  • Kleider, H.M., Knuycky, L.R., & Cavrak, S.E. (2012). Deciding the fate of others: The cognitive underpinnings of racially biased juror-decision-making. Journal of General Psychology, 139(3), 175-193. **

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