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science of the sacred

with Dr. Sarah Cavrak

Meet Sarah

Cognitive Scientist,
Educator & Mentor

I have an insatiable desire to live life - fully, authentically, and without apology. Over the course of my 24-year tenure as a student of the Yoga path I have discovered that overflowing joy naturally resides within me, and inner radiance is implicit to my humanness.


I know firsthand that the work we've been sent here to do in this life can feel both daunting, and at times overwhelming. But y'all... it does not have to be grueling. In fact, it is so so beautiful, expansive, and genuinely fun "work".  Because, yes, stepping into an empowered life takes diligence and consistency, and thankfully you don't have to do it alone. I'm here to support you as you run toward your that vision of a life you hold so dear in your heart.

Dr. Sarah Cavrak in tree pose by the ocean

What I specialize in

Psychology & Behavior

Personalized Spiritual Practice


"The Journey Towards a Rich and Satisfying Life Begins by Cultivating
a Deep Relationship with Yourself."

- Dr. Sarah Cavrak

I love how Sarah's academic background informs the depth of her philosophical practice which she shares in her teachings. She has a warm and honest energy, and she teaches from a place of self discovery alongside a willingness to share that curiosity with every student.

- Sam P.

What I love about Dr. Sarah's class is that she starts each session with a short talk, a theme or motivation to help focus our minds and modies on one intention. It helps quiet the noise on the world/life so I can more clearly hear what my body is telling m e. 

- Richard P.

Under Sarah's gifted teaching, both my yoga and meditation practices grew immeasurably. She is able to pinpoint exactly what your body needs with a pinch soul medicine thrown in for good measure. Enjoy her, she is a true treasure!

- Laura M.


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